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An Ordinary, High School Girl’s Workout Plan (Part 1)

A Danganronpa fanfic.

By Kaisai134

Original Concept: DepravedDefense

(Story contains natural female muscle growth, breast expansion, and height increase.)


It’s the year 20XX. The entire world has been plunged into a state of constant despair due to the actions of the group, Ultimate Despair. Wars rage around the world. Anarchy and chaos reigns while one person, a teenage girl named Junko Enoshima, sits back and drinks it all in. But, for her, that thirst for human despair is unquenchable. She must continue to feed like a vampire. She targets her fellow students at Hope’s Peak Academy. They have turned the ruins of it into a shelter against the world’s despair. As a trump card to ensure that they will be part of her mutual killing game, she commands some of her followers to kidnap people closest to the poor, unassuming students.  One of these students is freshman Makoto Naegi. She orders for his little sister, Komaru, to be kidnapped and taken with the rest of the captives to an apartment building in the middle of Towa City. This is where her story begins.


“MOM!!! DAD!!!!!!!” I scream waking up covered in sweat. I quickly dart my head back and forth in fear. The last thing I remember is seeing these suspicious looking men break into our house. They attacked Mom and Dad. And then, came straight towards me. I ran, but was caught by one of them. They stuffed a rag soaked in some chemical that smelled kinda like bleach, but sweeter in my face. I passed out not too long afterwards.

My heart stops racing for a minute as I look around the room I am in. It looks like an apartment of some sort. Confused, I stand up from where I was laying on the couch. I walk over to the window and open the curtains. I gasp in horror at what I see in front of me.

“Bars. Th… These look p…prison bars!”

In the corner of my eye, I see the door. I quickly dash for it. I grab the door handle and try to turn it. It won’t budge. I frantically jiggle the handle back and forth. It still doesn’t move. My heart is racing. My breathing is quick and sharp. I start banging on the door.

“LET ME OUT OF HERE!!” I cry in fear. “LET ME OUT OF HERE!! PLEASE!! SOMEONE!! ANYONE!! LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!” I scream as tears roll down my cheeks. My hands start to hurt as I bang on the wooden door. There is no response on the other side. I fall backwards onto the floor and stare up at the ceiling.

“Why did this happen to me? Why me? “I repeat out loud as I continue staring at the ceiling. I lay there on that cold floor and cry. All I feel right now is despair.

After a while, I finally stop crying. I pick myself up off of the floor and start looking around the apartment. I appear to be the only person in here. I look in the bedroom. The bed is neatly made up. It looks like no one has slept in it. I step out into the living area and kitchen. First thing I notice is that there are no TV’s or phones. No way of communicating with the outside world. It is really like I am locked away inside a prison cell. I turn my head and see something very out of the ordinary.

“Why is there a weight machine in here? And, all kinds of weights on this rack over here?” I wonder out loud. I walk over and examine the monolith sitting in front of the full length mirror. It looks like something you’d find in a well-stocked gym. Not something you’d see in any normal apartment. I reach out with my right arm to pick up a 25 kg dumbbell.


It doesn’t budge. I let go after feeling like my arm is going to tear off. I start laughing.

“Haha! There’s no way I could pick that up! Not in a million years!”

I stand there and look at my reflection. Staring back at me is a short, young girl with short, brown straight hair with straight bangs, faded green eyes. She has a small, modest bust and looks thin and dainty. She is wearing my middle school uniform.

I leave the area with the weights and walk over to the kitchen side. I open up the fridge. Inside I find nothing but bottles of water and protein shakes. I close the door, looking confused. I open up the cabinets above the sink. Expecting to find boxes of food, instead, I see bottles of various supplements and vitamins.

“Well, this is quite strange. With all of this workout equipment, protein shakes, and pills, you’d think they’re expecting the person to be a bodybuilder! C’mon! I’m nothing but a talentless, pathetic, little girl! There is no way I have any bit of muscle on me! Nor, would it look any good on me!” I laugh.

I suddenly hear the sound of metal creaking. My heart starts racing. I turn my body in the direction to face the source of the sound that is striking fear in my heart. A metal door off to the side of the entrance to the apartment is sliding open. I rush towards it with lightning speed. A tray of food with a magazine is pushed through it.


As I reach the window, the door slams shut. I grab at it trying to pry it open.


I continue to scream. I stop after a minute. I look down at the tray of food. It’s a plate of curry rice. Next to it is a set of utensils. I pick it up with the magazine and walk back to the couch. I sit the tray of food down on the coffee table.

“I. Guess this is dinner.”

I walk over to the fridge, grab one of the bottles of water, and return to the couch. After I sit down, I pick up the magazine and take a look at it. On the cover is a picture of a famous teenage model.

“It’s time to eat.”

As I eat, I flip through the magazine.

“Well, I might as well try and get used to this. I’m stuck here for God knows how long.”

DAY 17

I wake up and pull myself out of bed for another day. I go and take a shower, then change into my school uniform. I walk out to the living area and look around. I see magazines, papers with scribbles on them, paper dolls, crumbled up pieces of paper, etc. laying around. Ever since I was brought to this unknown place, I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied. To help, I’ve been developing a bit of a daily routine. First, I get up out of bed and get myself ready for the day like any other normal girl. Second, I walk out here to the living area, over to the door, and…

“HEY! HEY! YOU OUT THERE!!! LET ME OUT OF HERE!!! LET ME OUT THIS INSTANT!!” I yell at the top of my lungs while banging loudly on the door.

The metal window to the right of the door slides open. A tray of food carrying my breakfast is pushed through with yet, another magazine featuring that same idol. For the love of… I pick up the tray and continue my morning routine with eating my breakfast.

A little bit later, I am laying on the couch flipping through the magazine. After I’m finished reading it, I throw it against the wall across the room. I pick up a sheet of paper and begin folding it. I keep myself somewhat entertained until it is lunch time. As usual, the window opens up, pushes my tray through, and closes. I sigh.

After eating lunch, I lay on the couch and stare up at the ceiling.

“I’m bored.”

I turn my head and look over towards that workout area. I see a book laying there I never noticed before.

“Hmm. Never saw that over there.” I say as I stand up from the couch and walk over to examine the book. I lean down, pick it up, and open it. It is a book of different exercises and workouts. It goes into great detail about how to perform each exercise and what muscles they work on. I take the book back with me.

“Huh. This looks pretty interesting. I guess even a book on working out is interesting compared to reading the same fashion magazines all of the time!” I laugh. I read through the book, learning about all of the different ways of working out your muscles. After reading it for a little bit, my eyes look up and over at the workout area. I look back down at the book, then back up,

“Why not? It’s the only thing in here I haven’t tried out yet. And, I think I saw a gym outfit somewhere in my closet.”

I lay the book down on the table, walk into my bedroom and find the gym outfit. It looks like your standard gym outfit with the name tag and bloomers. I change out of my uniform, into the outfit. I walk back out into the living area and make my way over to the weight machine and weights.

“Well, here goes nothing!”

First thing I do is set the weights to something light. Currently, they are set at 90 kg. I decide to try it out at 2 kg. I sit down in the seat. I put my arms out and around the pads to the side of me. I start attempting what I saw called a machine fly. I push against the pads, bringing my arms in towards my chest. I can feel the force of the weights resisting the movement. I let my arms relax slowly allowing the pads to return back to their starting position. I can feel the muscles in my chest and shoulders tightening as I perform the exercise. It feels, odd. I continue with the exercise for a few times, then move on to another one called a machine chest press. This time, I really feel the muscles in my chest tightening. I start sweating a bit as I work through the exercise. Next, I perform arm curls and then extensions afterwards. The muscles in my arms get tighter with each repetition. I am really sweating at this point. I decide to take a quick break and grab a bottle of water from the fridge. After taking a few drinks from it, I return to the machine and work on my back with something called a cable pulldown. I feel the muscles in my back relax and tighten with each motion. Especially below my shoulders. I then sit down and make a rowing motion like I was paddling a boat. Even more muscles in my back get tighter. After working on the back, I move to my stomach as I sit down in the machine to do crunches I struggle through them. I start getting tired. I quit doing the crunches and start working on my legs with leg extensions and lying leg curls. I feel all of the muscle fibers in my legs get tighter as I work through them. Finally, I am done with my first workout.

I step away from the machine. My legs feel like they were made of jelly.  I wobble back to the couch and relax.

“Wow. So that was a workout? I feel tired after doing all of that!” I say out loud catching my breath. I take a big drink out of the water bottle. The metal window slides open with my dinner. I shakily stand up, waddle over to pick up the tray, and carry it back with me. I proceed to eat my dinner and relax on the couch for the rest of the night.

DAY 18

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..” I moan aloud lying in bed. My entire body is sore all over. I can barely move without feeling stiff. Every muscle in my body feels like a rubber band!

“C’mon body. I have to get up! I can’t just lay here all day!”

I force myself out of bed finally. I walk stiff legged to the bathroom and take a nice, hot shower. The heat helps loosen up some of the muscles. I walk out, get dressed, then out to the living area. My food is already waiting on me. I grab it, a bottle of water, then walk slowly over to the table where I sit and eat. I decide to flip through more of the exercise book.

“Oh. So, that’s why I feel so stiff and sore. That explains a lot!” I say aloud reading about first time experiences. “So, stretching afterwards helps loosen those muscles. I see.” After I am done eating, I continue reading the book. I read about beginner’s mistakes like working the entire body at once, not keeping enough water, and not stretching afterwards. I decide to take it easy today and cut up pictures out of those magazines instead of working out. Starting tomorrow, I’ll make sure to pace myself better so I’m not sore the day after.

DAY 32

It’s later in the day. I’ve run through my typical morning routine already.

“Now, it’s time to work out!”

I walk over to the weight machine, with my bottle of water in hand, and start doing my exercises. Today I’m focusing on my upper body. I read in that book that most do what’s called an upper/lower split where one day, they work on their upper body, the next, they do their lower body while the upper rests. I sit down at the machine and start my work out. I push against the pads to do the flies. They move with ease.

“Huh. Not really a challenge anymore. Must have gotten a tiny bit stronger in working out!”

I turn around and move the peg of the machine down a notch to 4 kg. Another 2 kg of weight has been added to the stack.

“Let’s try it at 4 now…”

I resume the exercise. And there is that resistance I am used to feeling! That feeling of my muscles tightening up! It’s strange. After feeling that tightness, there is a feeling of euphoria with it. Like, my body is rewarding me with working out.

After completing my 3rd set of flies, I move to doing the arm curls. That same feeling returns with the euphoria. I always find this one amusing because, it mimics what people do when someone tells them to make a muscle! So, here I am, acting like someone is telling me to make a muscle!

“Sure! There’s no muscle there to show!” I laugh in between breaths.

I finish my curls and move through each of the upper body exercises, making sure to keep well hydrated after completing each one. I wipe the sweat from my face with a towel. I stand in front of the full length mirror and look at myself.

“Am I losing weight?”  I think aloud. “Well that’s a plus!!”

I do my stretches to relax all of the muscles I worked on today. I look over at the little schedule I made on the wall.

“So, today, I did my upper body. Tomorrow, I’ll do my lower body, and then the day after, do my aerobic exercises.”

I start laughing.

“Wow, I’m starting to sound like one of those fitness people you see on TV. And I’m just doing this to kill some time.”

I walk to the bathroom to take a shower and relax.

DAY 40

“…4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10… 11… 12…” I count out loud while doing jumping jacks. Today is my aerobics day. I always find these the most fun out of everything. And these aren’t anything like the ones we used to do back in primary school! These are actually somewhat challenging!

“...20… 21…. 22… 23…”

I watch as my legs and arms spread apart, only a few seconds later to be jumping in the air and coming back together again. Before, I would never have even been able to do this! This is pretty amazing!

“…26… 27… 28… 29… 30!”

Next, I walk over to the coffee table. I start stepping up and down repeatedly on it at a fast pace. It is almost as if I am trying to run up the stairs at school, but only standing in place! I continue working up the sweat from the exercise. After I am done running up and down the fake steps, I grab a water bottle and take a big drink from it. Then, I lay on the floor with my legs hanging over top of the table. I start doing crunches with my elbows behind my head. Never did I ever think I was this flexible! It must be from all of the working out I’ve been doing lately just to kill time around here. I complete a set of 50 crunches, then switch over to doing push-ups. These aren’t the normal push-ups you see athletes do as my knees are on the ground. In the book, it said these are the best ones for beginners. But, these are starting to get a bit easier than when I first started. Maybe time to try doing a full push-up?

“……….two….t…threeee…” I strain to say as trying to perform standard push-ups.

Nah, not right now. I think I’ll try them again next time! I resume doing the beginner push-ups. I finish the set of push-ups, completing my routine for the day. I walk over to the weight bench where I have my towel hanging. I start to wipe the sweat off my body as I look in the mirror.

“Is, that me?!” I shout seeing my reflection. Staring back at me is a trimmed and fit girl that looks very different from the normal body I am so used to. The gym shirt is hanging a little looser on my torso. I lift it up to discover, to my surprise, a little bit of abs! With my free hand, I trace the outlines of the tiny muscles. I then look at my arms and notice how tight they look. I can just start making out some of the lines of the muscles on them. I look down at my legs, then turn around and look behind me. I reach back and feel my cute, little, tight, firm butt.

“Hehehe! With how much healthier and energetic I feel, combined with this tight body. You’d think I was like a model or an athlete!” I giggle as I poke the inside of my right arm, feeling it push in a bit and bounce back.

“You know what, I kinda like feeling this way. I think I’m going to continue to do this little workout routine…. Oh! That’s right… If I’m going to try and be healthier now, might as well start taking those vitamins I saw up in the cupboard.”

I lay down the towel and walk over to the kitchen cupboard above the sink. I reach up and open it. Inside I see all of the weird sounding supplements. I go and grab a chair to stand up on. I jump up onto the chair, then look in the back. I find the vitamins, grab them, then jump down off of the chair. I read the instructions.

“Take once a day for complete vitamin intake. That sounds about right.”

I twist open the bottle and shake out a pill. I grab my bottle of water and swallow the pill, chasing it down with the water.

“PWAHH! There it goes. Now to get ready for dinner time.” I announce as I walk back to my bedroom to take another shower for the day.

DAY 46

It’s the start of another morning. I turn over in bed, facing upwards towards the ceiling.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!!” I moan as I stretch my arms over my head. I jump out of bed ready for yet another day. I have started getting more used to living here by myself. Sure, there are times when I still feel sad and lonely, but, I can’t be doing that all of the time. I walk into the bathroom and turn on the shower. I strip down, walk in, and clean myself up for the morning. After I get done, I step out and start drying myself off. I take the towel and wipe the steam off of the mirror in the bathroom. I stand there and start drying my hair. It’s starting to get a little…

“Whoa!! What is that?!”

I look for a second at my reflection in the mirror. My attention is drawn towards the appearance of a small, yet noticeable bump that has popped up on my right arm. I lower my arm from my head. I then look down at my right arm. To be honest, it looks just a little bigger than a few weeks ago. I bend my arm in front of me. That tiny bump rises back out of my right arm. I bend it back and forth a few times.

“Is that… a muscle?!”

I reach with my left hand and feel the bump. It is soft, yet tough. I then take focus to my left arm. It also looks a tad bigger than before. I do the same thing with my left arm, bending it back and forth. I watch as the same bump rises and falls out of it.

“I actually have muscles… I ACTUALLY HAVE MUSCLES!?!?” I shout exasperated.

I hurriedly throw my underwear and uniform on. I run out to the full-length mirror in the workout area. I stand there looking at my reflection once again. I start bending my arms back and forth, watching for the bumps to rise out. I don’t see anything. I roll up the sleeves of my uniform exposing my bare arms. I try bending them again. I watch as the muscles rise and fall.

“Wh… When did these s..start?!”

I look down at my legs. They look toned and a bit thicker. I quickly notice the back of my calves. I pull up the bottom of my top and pull down the front of my skirt. The little abs I had seen almost a week earlier were now a bit more defined. It looks like the beginnings of what I’ve heard called a six-pack.

“Oh my god. My muscles are starting to get bigger! I…It must be from the weights. Yeah! That’s right. Because lifting weights makes your muscles get bigger! But, I…”

I let go of my outfit and stare for a minute.

“I, actually don’t look too bad with a little muscle on me. Hahaha! With this, I could be in sports!”

I lift both of my arms and bend them both in towards my head. I turn and look at the rest of my body from the side with them raised.

“You know what, I think I’ll keep them. They look pretty good on me. I wonder what they would look like if they were a little bit bigger?”

DAY 81

I emerge from my bedroom wearing my gym clothes. They are feeling snugger against my body than usual. I can start making out the muscles of my body a lot easier. I walk over to the workout area and prepare it for leg day. I bend down with my knees and set the weights to 23 kg for my legs. As I bend, I watch the muscles in my legs contract. They are bigger than before, but still look small. In fact, my entire body looks that way. I stand up and take a quick look in the mirror before I start my workout. Standing in front of me is a girl who looks like she’s been either a swimmer or, actually, more like a gymnast all of her life. The muscles look sleek and powerful. I playfully flex my arms watching as golf ball-sized bulges rise out of them. I put my hands behind my head and lean back watching as my abs pop into view.

“Hehehe. Look at my cute little six-pack abs. Enough playing around! Time to work out!”

I turn around and sit down at the machine. I start with doing the leg curls. After a few repetitions of them, I find they are too easy.

“Awwww! These are too easy now! Time to go higher!”

I turn around and adjust the pin setting it from 23 to 25 kg. I resume doing my exercise. The tension finally returns! I start working through the sets of the exercise. Occasionally, I look back and watch as the muscles in the back of my legs tighten and flex. After completing four sets, I switch to doing the leg extensions. Again, I watch as the muscles in the front of my legs start flexing. Once I am done with those. I finish up with doing the rows. I adjust the weights to go up to 60 lbs and perform my sets. At the end, I sit on the floor, performing stretches to loosen up the muscles I just worked out. I take a drink out of my water bottle and wipe the sweat.

“I am starting to get strong! I can’t believe I was moving 25 kg of weight with my legs alone! And just yesterday, I was lifting 18 kg with my arms! I can get really used to this strong, athletic body!”

I walk over to the weight rack carrying all of the dumbbells. I reach out and pick up the 40 lbs weights. I lift them up.

“In fact, I think I should start graduating to using the real weights now! This is so amazing! And, you know what. If I’m going to be like a real athlete…”

I sit them back on the rack, walk over to the fridge.

“I should start drinking like one!”

I open the door up and grab one of the many bottles of protein shakes. The one I grabbed was chocolate flavored. I shake the bottle up, then twist the top off. I look at it. It kinda looks like chocolate milk!

“Here’s to living a new, strong, athletic life!” I proclaim as I raise the bottle up in the air. I lower the bottle, bring it to my lips and take a drink.


My eyes bulge out of their sockets! The taste of the thick drink attacks my taste buds! I quickly swallow the horrid mixture and remove the bottle from my mouth.

“GAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! THIS TASTES DISGUSTING!!!!!! How could ANYONE in their right minds drink THIS?!”

I look at the bottle, grimacing.

“I… better get used to it… though. Here goes nothing!”

I gulp. I close my eyes and bring the bottle back up to my lips. I drink down the rest of the shake from the bottle.

“KEHHH! Uuuuuugh… still tastes horrible!”

I throw the bottle away and chase it down with the rest of my water. I sit down on the couch, open up the book, and flip through starting to read up on the different free weight exercises to start working on.

DAY 146

I lay down across the hard bench. I wiggle up towards the top of it with my firm glutes. I stop once I am looking straight up at the bar above me. I reach up with both arms, grabbing the bar in an overhand grip. I spread out my arms along the bar.


I push up on the bar carrying the 40 kg of weight. I lift it straight into the air. As I breathe in, I bring the barbell down to my chest. It presses against my fuller breasts. I feel my pecs contract along with my triceps. I push the barbell back up off of my chest, raising it back into the air as I breathe out. I continue to pump the weight up and down completing my first set. I re-rack the barbell above my head and lay there for a minute before repeating the same exercise. After I’m done resting, I do another set, feeling the burn building inside my chest and arms. I rest and complete another set, my muscles feeling like they are on fire. I struggle through the last two reps and then rack the bar.

“*huff, huff* Done…” I pant, sweating. I scoot out from underneath the bar and sit back up. I grab my towel to wipe the sweat from my face, then take a drink out of my water bottle. I look at my arms, pumped up from today’s workout. The gym shirt is getting even tighter around my body as I continue to do these workouts. The sleeves of the shirt are tight around my arms currently. You can just start making out the outlines of the biceps through the fabric. I continue catching my breath looking down at my chest. The nametag of the shirt is starting to get stretched out from the growth of my chest. You can see the beginnings of a pec cleavage leading down to my breasts. Strangely, my breasts have start to get noticeably larger lately. My bra is getting snug around my chest. And not just that...

“I appear to be getting taller as well!” I exclaim as I rise up from the bench. The gym shirt rises up my body exposing the middle section of my abs. They are starting to look larger, more defined. What I’ve heard called “washboard abs”. The bloomers stretch over my larger glutes, conforming to the hemispheres. Not to be out done, the legs of the bloomers act almost like a second skin to my larger quads. They have also shortened by at least a few centimeters more than when I first started growing these muscles. I reach down, picking up the 35 kg weights, lifting them up. I feel the tension of the shirt sleeves as biceps the size of small lemons rise up to attention and deltoids the size of oranges fill them up. I replace them on the rack as I continue to clean up the workout area.

When I am done cleaning up the area, I walk over to the fridge and grab one of the protein shakes. I shake it up good then drink the shake. I have finally gotten used to the taste of the shakes. It took a while, but I succeeded! Afterwards, I walk into my bedroom to take my post-workout shower. I feel the water cascading down my body. I step out of the shower and do my stretches as I dry off. I wipe the steam off of the mirror to dry my hair. It has been getting longer. My hair is starting to grow out of the cute little hime cut I had before. Not to mention.

“It still won’t go down!!!!!” I shout in frustration as this one clump of hair at the top of my head just refuses to lay down! When did this start forming!?  It’s small right now because my hair is still short, but after a while, it’s gonna be bigger! My hair will look like my brother’s at that point! This stupid ahoge!! I give up trying to get the clump to lay down and sigh. I may have lost the battle, but I have not lost the war!

I look at my reflection in the mirror. My muscles have become even more noticeable. Not even any athlete I’ve seen has this much muscle on them. Even if I’m not working out, you can start seeing the muscles in detail. All of this muscle…

“Looks pretty good actually! I never would have thought that seeing this much muscle on a girl would look good. Especially on my body! But, in reality, I think I look even more feminine with it. Strange, I know!”

I stand there and pose. I turn around looking at my back. My traps are starting to become larger, leading down to my lats. You can see the definition of them just like the other muscles on my body. I stop posing and finish drying off.

I walk back out into my bedroom. Laying on my bed is my school uniform and underwear. I slip on my underwear. I have trouble clasping the bra. I look down and see my breasts pressing hard against the bra.

“*sigh* I don’t think this is gonna last too much longer.”

I get dressed in my uniform. I have a little bit of difficulty fastening the skirt. My waist has been getting bigger as my muscles have been growing. I get it fastened then start working on the shirt. I wrestle with getting my arms through the sleeves and buttoning up the shirt over my breasts.

“*sigh* And this doesn’t seem like it’s going to fit for much longer either.”

I slide on the jacket and walk back out to the living area to relax for the day. As I lay on the couch, staring up at the ceiling, I think about my workouts that I’ve been doing and how my body has been changing. I look back over to the workout area and then flex my right arm watching as the fabric of the outfit tightens to contain the muscle.

“I have been getting much stronger than I have ever imagined. Not to mention these powerful muscles.” I say with a small sense of awe in my voice. “I mean, here I am pressing what I used to weigh before all this started! And lifting over 25 kg as if it was nothing! That is like lifting a sack of rice!! And these muscles…”

I sit back up on the side of the couch. I look down at my body. A grin creeps across my face.

“I wonder just how big and strong I can get!! Alright! New goal! Start building up muscle more seriously! I want to see what I can do pushing my body to the limit! Forget being an athlete. Now, I’m going to work on being a bodybuilder!! Get ready world!! Komaru Naegi is going to be one of the strongest girls you have ever seen!!”

To be concluded
And here is my part of the art trade with :icondepraveddefense:! :D

*Kaisai sits at his computer typing, listening to "Demi Lovato - Confident" through his earbuds. Ichika, Akari, Kaori, and Jess walks over.*
Ichika: Kai, what are you doing?
Kaisai: Writing a fanfic.
Akari: About?
Kaisai: Danganronpa.
Kaori: Wait a second, don't you hate that series?
Kaisai: With a passion.
Akari: Then why are you writing a fanfic about it?!
Kaisai: Art trade with my buddy, DepravedDefense .
Ichika: Why didn't you turn it down?! If you're writing about something you hate, then...
*Kaisai holds up the 3 page long outline and description of the story. Jess grabs it and reads it*
Jess: This girl, she's a total, utter wimp in the actual game. Ain't she?
Kaisai: Totally.
Jess: *smirks* I see why you took this trade now.
*The other three girls take a peek*
Ichika: Oh! It's one of THOSE kinds of stories!
Kaori: Ho ho ho ho! That is quite daring!
Akari: You're having fun with this aren't you?
Kaisai: Words cannot begin to describe the joy I am feeling right now turning this world upside down!! Finally! A shining light of hope will truly break through the bleak darkness of despair!!!

It's so long! It had to be broken up into two parts! Read the final part here! An Ordinary High School Girl's Workout Plan-p2

All characters and places (c) NIS America/Spike Chunsoft
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This can't be an ordinary high school girl workout?:P Ordinary would imply that she isn't growing as quickly as she's becoming!;3. No height increase, bust-line would shrink, etc, etc:3. 
jahnah Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016
Ooh I love this story!  I did really like Danganronpa though it was kinda silly.  Though the one thing for me is that in my opinion you should have had her tdo a bit more internal dialogue.  Until the end I kinda forgot we were dealing with Komaru due to the fact in game she refers to herself in third person via her thoughts ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME!  But that's another story.  I just wanted to say I didn't realize that very early.

But come on why do you hate this series so much?
kaisai134 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Really? DD or my consultant Random didn't tell me about that.  I kept away from internal dialogue since she's alone anyways. There's really nothing to keep inside if no one else is around to hear it.

I just explained why in my latest journal.
jahnah Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016
It's true she does refer to herself often in the game in 3rd person.

But yeah I do agree for a T rated series, the entire thing is hokey with the despair aspects.  But you did do a good job on this, I liked it!  
wellch Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016
for those who have trouble converting kg into pounds..  25 kg/55 lb
kaisai134 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep. 1 kg = 2.2 lbs. I did it in kg because this takes place in Japan.
chasbanner Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2016
Beautifully done. love that the time doubles each excerpt. She's likeable too. 
kaisai134 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! ^^
NoName4848 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
No wonder you hate that game. The whole despair thing sounds pretty lame. Like one of those ol' supervillains who wanna take over the world for no apparent reason.

Great fanfic by the way!
kaisai134 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Good way to describe it =P

I also just don't care for series based around survival games. Everyone else is almost guaranteed to be a dick! >.<
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