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A hand reaches into a bookcase. Gently, an art book for a widely popular fighting game franchise slides out. The cover appears "Alley Brawler Game Guide and Art Book". It is decorated with all of the characters that has appeared in it. In particular at the top right corner is a large, muscular lady with teal hair and eyes. A hand opens it up flipping the pages searching for a specific one. The page lands on the biography of the large lady on the cover.

A closer look shows more detail about the character. The background looks like she's a part of a police lineup. She has a build like that of a heavyweight bodybuilder with massive breasts. The height chart behind her shows he top of her head just touching the 240 cm mark. She has extremely long teal colored hair that is braided into two ponytails. Those ponytails then split halfway down into a separate set of braided ponytails. They end just past her large, heart-shaped calves. She has striking teal colored eyes with a confident smirk across her face. Her attire consists of a seafoam green halter top pulled tightly around her torso and a pair of tight green pants. She has shackles around her neck and on both wrists. Hanging from the shackles are heavy chains that appear to have been broken with excessive force, a stark reminder of the power this gigantic amazon possesses.

Name: Amazona
Real Name: Chinami Iwasawa
CV: Miyuki Sawashiro
Height: 240 cm
B/W/H: 145(K)/100/140
Birthday: August 18th
Likes: Relaxing on the beach, lifting weights, listening to trance music.
Dislikes: Goliath
Special Abilities: Superhuman strength, reflexes and endurance; PsyKi blasts.
Interesting Fact: She is near-sighted. She wears glasses when not competing or relaxing, other times she wears contacts.

Chinami Iwasawa was a professional thief for hire. She was hired by the Japanese government to find out what she could about the AB Corporation and their Goliath program. One night, she infiltrated the AB Corp lab complex and found the data, along with the serum used to create Goliath. Alarms went off and she tried to escape. They cornered her inside the maze like facility. With no other options, she injected herself with the serum. She escaped the facility. Unable to perform her occupation as a thief anymore due to her transformed size, she joined up with the government as a special agent.

The rest of the page shows rough designs of the character and various fighting poses. One CG at the bottom shows her relaxing on a beach in a two piece bikini wearing her round glasses, with a pair of headphones on her ears, in a very large beach chair under an umbrella.

Next page turns showing the origins manga that has been drawn for each character in the book. Camera zooms in on the first panel showing the outside of the AB Corp lab complex fenced off with guards on patrol at night. The panel starts coming to life as the camera dissolves away into the manga.

In a tree 30m away, someone is watching the scene through high-tech binoculars. Readings appear on the screen as they zoom in on every guard.

"So far, looks like a typical security detail. Probably rent-a-cops. They don't get paid enough to put up with the shit I'm going to be giving them." A soft, feminine voice comments off screen.

The screen pans up showing the roof. It zooms in on an air vent. Calculations scroll across the screen.

"And there's my entry point."

The camera view switches showing a young looking girl in her twenties. She is an average 165 cm tall with a pronounced D cup bust. She has auburn, copper hair in a short bob cut. She is wearing a loose fitting light grey bodysuit that cuts off at mid thigh. On top of that, she is wearing a darker, charcoal grey suede bustier and matching bikini bottoms. On her forearms are bandages tightly wrapped up to her elbow. On her feet are short charcoal grey boots. Around her neck, she is wearing a teal scarf that goes down her back. Around her waist, she has a utility belt.

"Simple enough. Then again..."

She removes the binoculars she was holding up to her eyes, revealing beautiful copper colored eyes.

"Government jobs are never simple." She sighs.

Chinami Iwasawa puts her binoculars away. She checks to make sure she has everything she needs for the operation. She pulls out a few kunai, looking them over, then placing them back in their holder. She examines her grappling gun, making sure it has enough rope to reach the roof. She touches the receiver in her right ear.

"I'm getting ready to go in."

"Good. The lab you want is located at the center of the complex. The air vent system will be your best bet getting in. The complex is designed to be a maze to keep people in your field out." A lady's voice replies.

"Of course it is. That means there's just something there they want completely hidden. And my job to find out what that is." Chinami counters. "Iwasawa out."

She leaps out of the tree, starting to make her way towards the building. She spots the first guard. He is holding a submachine gun looking tired as can be. Chinami quickly sneaks up behind him and knocks the guard unconscious with a tranq dart. She drags his prone body into the bushes, covering him up. As extra precaution, she dismantles the gun in his hands. She slides inside the gate. She spots two more guards and a security camera. She rushes towards them from behind, tossing a kunai at the cameras. The guards get startled hearing the camera breaking. Before they can respond, Chinami tranqs them. She drags them off into a dark corner, out of sight and dismantles their guns. She sneaks around in the darkness taking out more cameras. After taking out a few more guards, she reaches into her belt taking out her grappling gun. She fires the hook off towards the roof. She attaches it to her belt, activating the pulley system inside it. She is hoisted up to the roof.

"Easy part done. Now, it gets more interesting." Chinami quips under her breath.

She takes out a mini-Dremel tool and grinds away the bolts holding the grate on the air vent. She removes the grate, setting it gently down beside the vent. A cracking sound fills the air. She drops a handful of glow sticks down the vent.

"That's a bit of a drop."

Chinami takes her grapple gun releasing the tension on it. She uses it to rappel down the shaft. She lands softly down inside the shaft. She starts navigating the air ducts, listening to people talk on the outside. As she gets closer to her destination, something seems off. She starts seeing multiple, oddly spaced holes in the side of the vent. She retrieves a cigarette and lighter from her pouch. She places the cigarette in her mouth and lights it. She takes a deep drag off of the tobacco, then gently blows the smoke in front of her. Faint laser beams appear in the smoke.

"Nice try. Gotta do better than that." Chinami chuckles.

The experienced thief uses her skills to slide under and around the lasers, threatening to alert guards to her unwanted presence. She makes it through to her goal. She looks down and sees the empty lab detailed in the materials she received about the job.

"If they already have someone on the inside to get all of this info for the job, why do they need me to do this?  Oh well, who cares. At least I'm getting a nice pay out of this. One good thing about government jobs at least."

Chinami quietly unhooks the grate. She drops down gently to the floor. She spots a camera and disables it with yet another kunai. She surveys the lab. It is a standard biological lab setup. There are computers, microscopes, biological hoods, refrigeration units, deep freeze units, etc. She works her way over to a computer. It boots up showing a login screen. Chinami types in the codes given to her to gain access. The computer desktop shows. She clicks on a folder labeled "Project: Goliath".

"Bingo!" She shouts under her breath. "Now, let's see what you are hiding."

She reads the documents. They detail the origins of the project with finding an extraterrestial that crashed in Russia many decades ago. The stages of the research. The development of the mutagen serum. And, the success of Subject 101.

"From the looks of it, it seems like he was already out of his mind from all of the other experiments they performed on the poor bastard." She comments in a downtrodden voice.

Chinami sticks a USB drive into the computer and executes a file on the drive. It begins copying everything and implanting a trojan to wipe the computers clean. While the program does it work, she turns her attention to a heavy locked refrigeration cabinet.

"I bet I know what's in there."

She takes out her lock pick set and works on the lock. The lock opens after a minute. She opens the cabinet revealing vials of the mutagenic serum, one pre-loaded in an autoinjector like an EpiPen. She takes all of the vials and places them in a small bag. She places the autoinjector in her belt.

As she is closing the cabinet, an alarm starts going off in the building.

"SECURITY BREACH. SECURITY BREACH." A robotic voice goes off over the intercom.

Footsteps can be heard scrambling outside the door.

"Shit!" Chinami curses.

She takes the USB drive out of the computer, tosses it in the bag. She is about to scramble back up into the vent when the door slides open revealing men in military uniform wielding AK-47s.

"FREEZE!" The leader commands.

Chinami pulls on the string, sending the bag up through the vent. She tosses down a smoke bomb, obscuring her from their view. The soldiers all start firing upon where she was standing. The lab is getting decimated. A few of the soldiers go down with their throats bleeding. Chinami emerges from behind them running down the hall.

"This is is Bravo team. The intruder was spotted in the central lab. All soldiers are instructed to kill the target on sight!" The leader reports over his walkie-talkie.

Chinami continues running down the corridors. They are lit as if the sun was high in the sky. She can't find any corners to slip in to. Soldiers continue to try to intercept her. She continues to take them out with kunai.

Shutters begin to close in front of her. She slides underneath after leaving another smoke bomb to gain some cover.

"This is bad! This is bad! This is very bad! This is why I HATE doing government jobs! Always getting involved in deep shit!" Chinami cusses as she takes out a few more soldiers.

She watches as a few kneel down on their knees in front of her.

"RPG'S!? You have got to be...!?"

She leaps to the side as the grenades scream past her. She uses her final tranq darts to knock the grenadiers out. She tosses the gun aside and continues running through the corridor maze.

She sees a four way intersection up ahead. Shutters are coming down blocking the three paths. She leaps trying to get underneath the one in front of her, but is too late. She hits the thick steel.

"Damn it!"

She turns around hearing the footsteps getting louder and closer. Chinami reaches down for her kunai. Her pouch is empty. Her eyes widen.

"Oh, no!" She shouts as she starts patting her belt looking for any kind of weapon.

Her hand suddenly feels the autoinjector she stole from the lab. She stops and pulls it out, staring at it.

A troop of 20 some soldiers appear behind Chinami having finally caught up to the cornered thief. Her back can be seen facing them.

They all train their guns on her.

"Alright! Put your hands up in the air now!!" One barks out.

Chinami raises her arms up to the air, her right hand gripping something.


She releases the item in her hand. The autoinjector falls to the ground in slow motion, contents having been emptied. It rolls along the ground in normal speed landing at the foot of the soldier giving the orders. Everyone looks down seeing the empty serum vial attached. They start getting a worried look on their faces.

Chinami starts shaking. She pulls her arms down and starts wrapping them around her body. Camera cuts in front of her showing her in pain. Her pupils having turned a brilliant looking teal color. She is breathing rapidly. She is still shaking as the serum courses through her body. Slowly, her arms and legs begin gaining more definition.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Chinami rears back screaming in the air.

She quickly snaps back forward as the growth commences. Her breasts surge forward being propelled by the rapidly developing pectorals and their own growth into G cups. Her arms quickly fill up the sleeves of her bodysuit, starting to pull it skin tight. She flexes her biceps, showing off lemons filled with power, capped with softball sized deltoids. She quickly gains height, reaching 195 cm tall. Her hands and forearms tear through the bandages covering them up. Her lats and traps all start bulking up. She straightens up showing the sculpted look they give her back. Her hair lengthens down her back and down her face a few decimeters. Her abs rise up underneath, threatening to pop the buttons on her bustier.  Her thighs thicken up with her quads. Cords of muscle fibers continue to multiply underneath, pushing them up higher and higher. The bottom of her bodysuit rides up meeting with the straps of her bikini bottoms. Around the back, her glutes are hardening and swelling into powerful orbs stretching the bottoms skin tight against them. Her calves flare out as they expand, filling out her boots. Her feet crunch up in the front of her boots, yearning to break free.

Chinami looks down at herself. She checks out her new body. She then turns around facing the stunned and frightened soldiers.

"Well, now." She speaks with a bit richer voice. "Shall we dance?"

She rushes towards them. They open fire on her. She dodges quickly back and forth with superhuman speed. She appears in front of the leader of the troop. He is lifted up into the air with one arm, her bicep flexed. She tosses him into the group. Half get knocked back. She grabs the barrel of one of the guns and bends it with ease, then elbows the soldier. He is sent flying into the wall, cracking it. The other soldiers continue to try and fire upon her as she tosses and kicks them around like ragdolls. After the last soldier falls unconscious, she turns around walking towards the shutter her smacked into earlier. As she's walking, her feet erupt from her boots. Her body expands slightly more, pulling her bodysuit even tighter across her body.

Chinami steps up to the solid, steel shutter. She bends down with her knees, and grips the bottom of the shutter. She starts lifting the solid metal slab. Slowly it starts to rise. She calls upon every muscle fiber in her body. She starts standing up slowly, lifting it higher. Tears begin to form all around her bodysuit. With a mighty roar she pushes the shutter up, causing it to bend and twist into a gigantic lump of twisted metal. Her biceps emerge from their grey prison to meet the air.

The ever growing amazon continues running down the corridors facing off against the soldiers that try to stop her. She cleans them out leaving one guy who is shivering. He looks up seeing the 210 cm tall amazon glaring down at him in a tattered bodysuit. She reaches down and pulls him up to her eye level.

"Where's the way out of here?!" She growls.

"Th... Th.. THAT WAY!!!" He screams in fear and points down a long corridor.

She looks to where he is pointing.


Chinami tosses the guy into the wall behind him, then continues running down the corridor he pointed down.

Her bodysuit finally completely gives way as she feels another surge of energy rush through her veins. The buttons pop on the bustier, revealing a rock hard 8 pack. Her breasts swell to H cups, the top of the bustier just covering the bottom third of her titanic bust. Her muscles have expanded more than before. Her hair is creeping further down her back, almost reaching her glutes.

At the end of the corridor, she finds two large doors. Chinami finds the seam between them. She is about to shove her hand in between them when she puts her ear up to the door. She hears a lot of movement on the other side. She stops what she is doing and smirks.

On the other side, a large platoon of soldiers loyal to the AB Corp. The gigantic warehouse area is lined with soldiers wielding AK-47's all aimed at the door. They wait for Chinami to enter.

A large thud dents the door. They get ready to fire. Another thud rings out. They raise up the sights. Suddenly, the doors are ripped off of their hinges, pulled back instead of out. On reflex, they open fire. Chinami uses the doors like shields, rushing the soldiers. She body slams a group of them, slamming another group with a door. She tosses the other door like a frisbee taking out the catwalk. All of the soldiers come crashing down. She starts breathing heavier.

"Th... this... this energy..." Chinami stutters out. "I... it keeps... building..."

She feels it coming.

"Mak... ing me... stronger!" She gives a crooked smile.

Veins start popping up across her arms and legs. She wraps her arms around her body which is starting to grow faster.

"Transforming me!" Chinami shouts as her teal eyes flash brightly, her voice deepens, sounding more sultry, and her hair changes color to the same teal color.

A soft, teal aura starts forming around Chinami.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!!!" She roars out like a lioness as the aura flashes blinding everyone else in the room.

Chinami's body expands rapidly. Sounds of fabric tearing fill the air inside the warehouse. Her muscles double in size all over. She rises up in height to 240 cm. She looks down at her swelling muscles giving her arms a flex. Biceps big as a pythons rise up and pulse with power. Her breasts inflate up to K cups, decimating the remains of the bustier top. Her pecs grow to support them giving her a deep muscle cleavage as well. Her shoulders broaden with her back, traps rising slightly above her shoulders. Her abs form a solid 12 pack with obliques popping up all around them. Her hair races down to the back of her swollen diamond-shaped calves, past her tree trunk like legs. The only piece of clothing holding on to dear life is her bikini bottoms, sucked up inside her perfect spherical glutes.

Chinami blinks a few times and takes a deep breath after the final transformation. She looks down at the soldiers who barely come up to her waist. She leans down.


The remaining soldiers flee. A smile forms on her face. She looks up following the air duct. A large set of footprints is heard approaching from behind her. She sees a shadow beginning to form.

"GRAAAR!" The figure growls threateningly.

"Let me guess, you're Subject 101..." She says as she turns around to face her final opponent. "Goliath."

She stares up at the face of the giant behemoth. He has no pupils visible, snarling like a beast. He stands at around 280 cm tall, has wild looking red hair that extends back. He swings his gigantic fist at Chinami sending her flying. She crashes into a catwalk support.

"Talk about packing a wallop!"

He charges at her like a mad bull. She leaps away letting him crash into the wall.

"No wonder people are terrified of you!"

Chinami stands there watching as he pulls himself out of the wall, collapsing it retraining his sight on her.

"RAARRGGH!" He snarls, fueled with rage.

Chinami rushes towards him. He rears back to smash her into the wall. She leaps over top of him, kicking him in the head in the process. She lands behind him, attempts to sweep his legs out from underneath. He grabs her and flings her across the room. She crashes into the opposite wall.

"Damn it all to hell! He's a tough bastard!" She curses under her breath while picking herself up. "Never easy is it? Goddamn government jobs!" She picks up a piece of catwalk and walks towards Goliath. He snarls and slobbers, roaring at her. He charges at her. She whips the metal across his chest, but he is unfazed. She leaps off to the side allowing him to again ram into the wall, bringing it down.

"He's not that smart now is he? But damn persistent! Arrgh" Chinami says in frustration. Suddenly she gets an idea.

Goliath roars and charges yet again. Chinami runs to the side and grabs the doors she pried off earlier. She stands there waiting for him to turn towards her. He gets within arms reach. She slams the doors together like two gigantic cymbals on the side of his head. He stands there dazed and confused.

"Saw that in an American cartoon once, looks like it did... the..." She stops talking feeling a pressure on her chest.

Chinami looks down to see Goliath's hand groping one of her very voluptuous K cup breasts. Her eye twitches. She looks up seeing a dumbfounded look on his face.

"Ha ha... boobies!" He chortles in glee.

Chinami clenches her fists. Veins pop on her arms from the tension. They start to glow a pale teal.

"Why. You. FILTHY. DISGUSTING. PERVERT!!!" Chinami roars her eyes flaring with flames. She punches him in the side of the head and he goes flying. She sees the aura around her fists.

"Hmmm... I see where this is going!"

Goliath pulls himself up from the massive punch he was just dealt. He regains his senses and starts seething at Chinami's direction. She has her hands cupped in front of her. She draws them back behind her as energy gathers. He rushes towards her, ignoring the growing ball of energy forming in her hands.

Chinami pushes her hands forward, releasing an energy blast the size of a basketball. It screams across the room, slamming straight into Goliath. He goes flying backwards from the attack, crashing through the wall causing it to collapse on top of him. She dusts her hands off looking at Goliath covered by the debris. She smiles.

"Now that he's taken care of..."

She watches as guards start to file back into the room. She reaches up, grabbing the air vent above her. Chinami yanks it down out of the ceiling. The ducts come down with tremendous force, crashing into the ground kicking up dust. They all scatter avoiding the debris coming down from above them. Chinami escapes from the lab complex, leaping over the horizon.

20 km away, a black sedan waits with two people inside it. A lady looks at the time on the radio.

"She should be here by now with the package." A familiar voice says.

The other person spots something strange in front of them.

"Captain! Look!! Ahead of us! 12 o'clock!"

They both get out of the car, weapons at ready. Walking towards them wearing what appears to be a 2 sizes too small t-shirt, just barely covering her breasts, and hot pants is Chinami. Her teal locks flow behind her, swaying to the rhythm of her steps.

"Hold it right there! Don't come any closer!"

The captain points her gun at Chinami, looking at her in wonder.

"Easy there, Captain Kusanagi." Chinami replies holding her hands up in the air. "It's me, Iwasawa."

"Iwasawa-san? Wait a minute, you can't be her. You look nothing like her! Unless..." Captain Kusanagi retorts, suddenly realizing something.

"Injected myself with the serum. Correct."

They lower their guns as Chinami continues to approach them. They look up at her.

"What happened to make you do such a rash decision like injecting a mutagen into your body?"

"I got trapped without any way of defending myself. You were right, it was a maze. But, there are ways in getting out of a maze with the prize in hand."

Chinami reaches into her cleavage and pulls out the bag she put the vials of serum in and the USB drive.

The private takes the bag from her, examining the contents. Captain Kusanagi looks inside, pulling out a vial.

"I am very impressed. How were you able to pull it off without getting caught with the rest of contents? I imagine your clothes were pretty much in pieces after the transformation."

Chinami smirks.

Flashback! Chinami is rappelling down the air vent. Close up on the grappling hook gun cartridge left behind that she's using to rappel with. Next scene, Chinami is hooking the bag with the contents she took from the cabinet to a rope hanging from the vent. She tosses the USB drive in it as the pounding gets louder on the door into the lab. She gives it a tug as the bag disappears, up the vent. The rope retracts all the way back to the gun cartridge stuck on the side of the air shaft. The bag hangs there, secured. Cut next to Chinami running through the corridors, looking up every so often. Camera focuses on what she is looking at, the air vent duct. Last scene, Chinami, now transformed, after defeating Goliath, looking up at the air vent. Soldiers start pouring in to surround her. She reaches up and pulls the duct out of the ceiling, bringing it crashing down violently to the ground. The part of the shaft where she hid the bag comes down in her hands. She quickly snatches the bag, stuffing it into her cleavage. She then crashes through the nearest wall, running and leaping off to the horizon.

"I see. No wonder you are the best in your field." Captain Kusanagi chuckles.

"Was. Kind of hard being a thief looking like this." Chinami retorts.

"If you're looking for a new profession, we could use a new agent in the division. What do you say, Iwasawa-san?"

"I hate doing government jobs. They are always more of a hassle than needed to be." Chinami complains. "However..." She grins. "They are always an exciting, new challenge and pay very well."

Captain Kusanagi smiles back.

"Welcome to Division 9."
Here is the bio on the fan favorite fighter from the "Alley Brawler" franchise, Amazona!

And a big thanks to the awesome Seonidas for drawing the profile pic for her! :hug:

All Characters (c) :iconkaisai134:
Art (c) :iconseonidas:
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artwatcher143 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
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Hint: It involves a girl transforming into a certain game character. ;)
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I need to redesign the character first! She was from another idea I had. And I may look into commissioning ya for a sequence of Haruka transforming into Amazona inside the machine capsule XD (Ever seen the "Street Fighter" live action movie staring Jean-Claude Van Damme? ;))
Matt22152 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017
so what's with this latest idea?
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